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The Dr. No Story

It all started when my longtime friend, Dr. Allan Spreen (and present business partner in this adventure) was discussing with me the need for a delicious, sugar-free chocolate made specifically with all natural ingredients and no artificial sweeteners.  It must also be non-GMO, and free of gluten, preservatives, artificial flavors and colors.  Knowing that I have a pastry chef background, he suggested that I put my talent to the test in creating a chocolate that both the health conscious individuals and those on sugar restrictions who normally shy away from sugar, can enjoy.

Dr. No Chocolate started over seven years ago.  Having watched members from both sides of my family suffer from diabetes, and seeing the devastating effects of the disease on their lives, I realized that I can use my talent to make a difference.  The idea became much more personal, especially when I had flashbacks of my aunt and grandmother, both of whom were severely affected by diabetes.

I recall my dear aunt, who became legally blind from diabetes, asking for a small piece of sugar-free chocolate (made with artificial sweeteners) to satisfy her chocolate craving.  I also vividly remember my diabetic grandmother, whose very survival depended on the amputation of her leg, due to diabetes-induced gangrene.  She also consumed sugar-free chocolate made with artificial sweeteners, which Allan and I personally avoid, being both athletic and health enthusiasts.  These images were the defining moment for me.  I decided then to embark on this journey to create a unique chocolate while juggling a full time job and supporting my mom in taking care of my dad who battled Alzheimer’s for fifteen years.  

My experimentation with the chocolate recipe went on and off for several years, because my parents came first, of course, but Allan and I knew that the idea would eventually materialize.  When dad transitioned, I asked him to watch over me while I spent long hours for several months tweaking the recipe.  We all know how delicious chocolate is, but I can assure you that making it at home from scratch, can be very challenging.  My unwavering determination finally paid off, and after testing the final recipe on several hundred people, we knew that it was time to share it with you.  In our pursuit to create an all-natural chocolate bar, we realized that the list of ingredients that did not fit our vision was much longer than our actual ingredients.  Therefore, the long list of “No’s” inspired the name Dr. No.

We hope that you enjoy it, and want you to know that is made with genuine love and commitment to making a difference, which is the inspiration for the “Gratitude du Jour” on the back of each bar. We want to not only provide an exquisite all natural chocolate for you to enjoy, but also to possibly change your day with a positive thought that is a reminder of how our energy is intertwined with this magnificent universe.

Have a faaabulous chocolate indulgence,