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What our customers think about Dr. No Chocolate

"Rich and delicious chocolate…absolutely heavenly!  It is hard to believe that it is sugar-free!  No never tasted so good!  Just what the doctor ordered!"
Davis - Tampa, Florida

"Being in the preventative/natural health business, I am a huge advocate of eating healthy, and that's how I live my life.  Occasionally I like to have a nice hearty piece of quality chocolate, but was having a hard time finding the right one that doesn't bother my stomach. Others I have tried always gave me MAJOR stomach pain and bloating due to the artificial sweeteners.  I also noticed that it was not gluten free. 

But after discovering Dr. No chocolate, it is absolutely the best chocolate I have ever tasted, plus it's gluten-free, non-GMO and contains only the best quality ingredients that I can stomach.  I have tried all the bars...the pumpkin seeds, almond and plain dark chocolate.  I love the fact that 3 squares are also pre-portioned for 1 ounce so that way I know how much I am eating.  This is simply the most satisfying chocolate I have ever had!  Dr. No is for connoisseurs who want high quality chocolate that is actually healthy for you; and even people with diabetes can eat it since it's sweetened with stevia. I have told all my clients about Dr. No chocolate and they love it too!"

Donna J. Tomey - Fort Lauderdale, Florida
ACCT Certified Clinical Thermographer
Thermography First, LLC

"I am not a big fan of dark chocolate but this one is delicious. I have tried all three versions of Dr. No Chocolate and I must say I fell in love with Pumpkin Seeds and Sea Salt version. The taste is very special. The combination of sweet and salted makes this chocolate very nontraditional. It doesn't contain sugar but you can't even say that. It is a perfect sweet treat when you crave for some little dessert. I love the packaging and gratitude of the day on the back of the bar. Definitely best dark chocolate I have ever tried in my life!"
Lenka - Miami, Florida 

"As a conscious connoisseur of quality dark chocolate, I believe this is the BEST chocolate bar I have ever tasted. It’s more than the deep rich bold flavor of pure coco but the experience of the melt in my mouth! I have tried many others and DR. NO is the BEST!

Thank you for the creation of this quality chocolate bar! It’s the perfect chocolate fix!"
Janet L. Falbo - Boca Raton, Florida

I felt compelled to write you a review. I am probably the BIGGEST fan of dark chocolate. It all started when I was five years old when I used to sneak a piece of a dark chocolate bar that my dad had in his pocket. I would indulge enjoying the decadent taste of melted chocolate as I stood affix to the T.V. watching my afternoon cartoon line-up. Now twenty-eight years later, dark chocolate is still considered a necessity of my nutritional needs!

Working in the healthcare industry for the past eighteen years has made me more health conscious so finding a brand that offers gluten-free and a dairy-free formula is an awesome perk! It has just the right amount of sweetness which I adore because most chocolate bars on the market is a guaranteed trip to Diabetic-ville. This decadent bar has managed to achieve a great rich taste and perfect velvety consistency. Kudos to you for making the BEST dark chocolate bar! Looking forward to buying more of this yummy goodness!

Jasmine Feliciano - Fort Lauderdale, FLorida


"En mi viaje a Miami, tuve la oportunidad de probar los chocolates "Dr. No", y me encantaron, pues siendo un producto sin aditivos, además del placer de disfrutar el chocolate oscuro, se puede consumir un poquito mas más, sin remordimientos, y mención especial tengo para la presentación con sal marina y semillas de calabaza, original."
Esperanza - Venezuela

"Me gusta el sabor de estos chocolates por qué es natural. Sabe realmente a cacao y nueces y eso lo differencia de las otras marcas de chocolate en el Mercado. Me encanta saber que su contenido en azúcar en bajo por qué me cuido mientras disfruto de un delicioso chocolate. Es perfecto para tenerlo desde de un buen almuerzo y como postre."
Santiago - Miami, Florida

"I don't really eat dark chocolate since I prefer sweeter milk chocolate. However i had opportunity to try Dr. No and is delicious. If I could order online and send it to my family in Bolivia I would definitely do it because they love dark chocolate. I had the opportunity to try all three types of this chocolate and my favorite is the one with pumpkin seeds and sea salt. Definitely best dark chocolate without sugar I ever tried. You cannot even say the difference if this chocolate has sugar or doesn't."

Belem - Miami, Florida